Join us aboard The Odyssey for an exciting week of exploring the world’s best wrecks in Truk Lagoon the way they were meant to be dived. Experience the mysteries of the San Francisco Maru – after your descent to the wreck, you’ll find several tanks on her foredeck which still look ready for battle, glance off the port side to see her anchor that once held the mighty ship in place lying lifeless on the lagoon floor. Drop into her holds and discover ammunition waiting to be spent. Feel the history first hand.

Requirements for technical diving with Odyssey Adventures:

  • Recommended certification Extended Range Diver
  • Technical buoyancy compensator set up to handle doubles
  • Twin regulator setups
  • Decompression dive computer and tables
  • Line cutting device and underwater slate
  • DAN insurance or comparable

Odyssey Adventures provides:

  • Double tanks (aluminum 80’s) with dual isolation manifold – DIN or yoke
  • Oxygen for decompression stops of up to 100% available at an additional charge
  • Decompression tanks (aluminum 30’s) with hardware
  • Fixed decompression bar at 15 feet

Rates for Technical Diving on board Odyssey Adventures:

No charge for use of double tanks and pony bottles
$2.00/cubic foot Oxygen for mixtures other than standard free Nitrox